Gastón Liberto

He was born in Sierra Grande, Patagonia in Argentine where he studied Art and Philosophy. His esthetic paradigms, circus and carnival are the images of his  childhood.
His work is inspired by Latin American Magic Realism and surrealism pop.
On the other hand, the people that he meets, the social events, his travels, the nature, the music and the technology are the elements which influence his art.
Lived 12 years in Barcelona, a city that inspired by its diversity  cultural .
In 2008  opens a space "Generos de Punta " for art and design in the center of Barcelona

His work has been exhibited in galleries and contemporary art fairs in Hamburg, Belgium, Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, New York and Buenos Aires.
Currently he is developing several art and design projects in Argentina.
In 2010 was born the brand "Gastón Liberto" with a collection of clothing, stationery, decorative items for the house and a number of products  that have a constant mutation.




The story of KIKI

My name is Akiko, I am the founder and creative director at KIKI. KIKI is my new and exciting adventure born from a love and passion for beautiful and stylish products but that are also fairly produced.
I have always believed in the quality and beauty of work done with sincere passion and I am so proud that all of KIK's creations reflect that belief. All the items created and traded by KIKI are authentically produced and traded with love. Every person involved in making and selling the produce are genuinely passionate about what they do. The quality KIKI strives for, is dictated by the almost compulsive attention to detail that not only shows in the quality of the finished product but helps shape the product itself.
Many traditional Japanese handicrafts, such as authentic kimono making have sadly become a dying art. I am so proud that KIKI has a hand in contributing to the preservation of these beautiful arts and crafts. Because every handmade product has a soul or aura , KIKI will endeavour to support the craftsmen and artisans in their struggle to keep their precious traditions alive while promoting good labour practices.

kokoro wo komete - with love - KIKI xxx