Nothing is coincidence… One Saturday afternoon I was wandering around the neighborhood Santa Caterina, Barcelona, until by chance I found the magic Gallery "Géneros de Punta" and I got to Know its founder and artist Gastón Liberto. The connection between us was immediate, thanks to surrealism and dreamlike magic of his works.
It seemed like we knew of all lifetime and we had just had been there to develop a collaborative project and of course a great friendship. And so, until today, when the artist returned to Argentina, to develop new projects in home country, I decided to stay with the studio "Géneros de Punta" and continue promoting his art and the art of other artists and creators.
 Besides being an art and design studio, "Generos de Punta” is a lifestyle, a way of thinking, a way of seeing the world through art...
All this will make your visit to the shop a unique experience Made in Barcelona!

Dir. Alessia Galassi